KenDough Slice also known as KenDough The Era is an artist from Chicago, Illinois. KenDough gained a love for music of all genres very early. At nine years old, KenDough started a cd collection which he would add to on a weekly basis. This cd collection led to KenDough becoming interested in the process of making music and learning about the business of music.

After the death of a childhood friend, KenDough decided to pursue a career in music. KenDough released a number of singles, most notably ?I?m A Baller? and ?Waved?, which opened the door for many opportunities, including being featured in local publications and opening for major artists Gucci Mane, Wale, etc.

As KenDough continues to make music, KenDough is currently working on a number of projects from music to merchandise. As KenDough continues to establish and expand his brand, KenDough hopes to inspire others, as he was inspired growing up by many entertainers and athletes that came before him.

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